New States Idea

I am working on Battle Dungeons!! and got really injured this week. Was working on the project this morning and was in pain and it was hurting me and distracting me and slowing me down.

So I was thinking about adding a couple of new states to my project.

Much like poison it will take minimal HP and with also cause a slow state and slow agility too.

Massive Pain
Like pain but more severe also adds confusion and blind randomly. Additionally thinking of adding if player gets in a critical HP (low HP) situation the player may automaticly go to a downed or Unconscious state.

If the character gets hit with a critical attack can cause temporary Unconscious state. May also happen if a big hit (large proportion of HP maybe a 1/4 to half of hp or more)

This will be a targeted state.
Head Injury. Random confusion, blind, Unconscious
Arm Injury Slow may be unable to attack or defend
Foot Injury
Leg Injury
Torso Injury
Body Injury

Much like poison. Countdown State will begin on Blood Loss

Massive Bleeding
A Rapid Countdown State will begin.

Like Poison but will get worse over time without treatment

Additional New State Ideas.

Also thinking of adding these as special States
Hungry > Starving > Famished
Thirsty > Dehydrated > Near Death
Tired > Wore Out > Collapse
Sore > Aching > Hurt
Sleepy > Tired > Exhausted
* All fourth levels will be a collapse or coma state aka K.O/Dead
Unlike other games there will be no thirst bar or hunger bar. These states will appear on the characters or party after a certain time or a certain number of tasks such as battles or steps has happened.
Then the character will need to get food or the state will grow and have more effects. These will require Items (Thats why I added rotting items!) or visiting an Inn for sleep.

Also an Inn doesn’t remove any sick states like in other games!! haha!
You will need Medical treatment for some states.

Also if a party member is Unconscious should that put the rest of the party in a concerned state?
It would be neat to me if some party members were concerned while others couldn’t care less.


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