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Dungeon Duo

Is an idea I had a few years ago when I was working with the Project Zelda Engine and I almost thought about using the system for Battle Dungeons.

I almost named it Dungeon Duos but I wasn’t sure about that.  These are only Concept logos.

The Main Concept

The concept involves multiple dungeon paths and going through different paths depending on which two characters you are using at that time.

So certain team can only go certain paths in the adventure.


Now Presenting… Battle Dungeons!!

The Light Barrier separates the world of the light and the Land of Monsters with a Magical Wall.
When cracks appear strange occurrences start happening.
Play as the Monsters or the Heroes!

Features Alpha
Customized Game Engine Using over 100+ Scripts

Unique Sideview Battle System using over 6 different Core Scripts
Unique Enemy Display System

Battle Bonus System
Team/Party Battle Skills and Combine Items in Mid-Battle
Active Time Events remnant of FF9

Customized Timed Button Inputs
Features Double Tap Running and Shift Running

Battle Voices: Party and Enemies
Customizable Gameplay
88 Window designs that can be switched at any time!

New Game Plus

MagPet System

Guardian Creatures
Multiple Skill and Job Systems

Special Battle Commands per Character/Job
Animated Battlebacks
WASD Movement

Rotting Items! You can’t keep a 99 Potions forever!
Dual Lighting and Fog Overlay Systems

Achievements & Unlockables (Not going tell or spoil anything)
Custom Battlebacks

Animated Title, Faces, and More.
Desperations, Limits, and Overkills >> BURSTS!
Gameover Choices
Pause Feature!
Checkpoint System
Monster’s Story

More to be Announced in later updates

#~~~~Please note that in time since this page was made the game has added more features.

Pre-Alpha Video before core engine was finished


Added A lot of new features to Battle Dungeons this week thanks to BlackMorning!
Will show you what I have done very soon.
March 2014 Pre-Run (New Hud)